The Benefits of Micro-Dosing
March 8, 2020
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Micro-dosing is defined as the administration of doses so low that they are unlikely to produce a whole-body effect, but high enough to allow a cellular response. Micro-dosing in cannabis is usually considered 0.5mg to 20mg THC per day. Micro-dosing can help reap the medical benefits of cannabis without the psycho-activity that is produced from the THC portion of the plant.

Cannabis naïve patients just starting out should begin with micro-dosing of their medication. This dosing allows a patient to adapt to taking a new medication along with minimizing any side effects, thus having a positive experience utilizing this medication for the first time. Micro-dosing is also very beneficial when it comes to giving your current dose of marijuana a little boost.  Adding in an additional small dose can enhance your regular dose of marijuana allowing for a big benefit with minimal dosing.

Micro-dosing makes good sense and allows one to have better control maximizing the benefits of their medication while minimizing any side effects. While micro-dosing is another option for now, moving forward dosing in smaller quantities may become more of the “norm” despite a patient’s level of experience.




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